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Art Mundi

Ana Adalgisa, a miniaturist from Parana - in the South of Brazil, shows 7 of her roomboxes. Among them, the 'hospital', a beautiful Victorian style dollhouse furnished as an old times hospital/clinic.

Her roomboxes are beautiful and filled with perfect details, everywhere. And the best part is that it's possible to buy a copy of each and every object used in her rooms to make or complete your own. Super!

Anyna Miniaturas stand
Art Mundi (2008)

Pictures in the end.

Two sisters, Japanese descendant, created Art Oriente. They make miniature origamis, so perfect they are irresistible! They don't use any scale, but their dolls, roses or tsurus (a bird), which come inside a dome or a transparent box, would fit perfectly as ornaments in any 1:12 dollhouse or roombox. And they are very affordable!

Origami in miniature - Eastern sector

This artist from Embu, SP - a small town know for its arts & crafts products - has some of her work exhibited at a dedicated space in the fair. Each piece depicts a small village in miniature. The scale used is a little bigger than 1:144 (something between 1:120 and 1:87), but they are so rich in details that all visitors fall in love with them!

Célia Santiago

The Smallest Books in the World are 100% readable. They have over 300 books on their list, in Spanish, in Portuguese and in English. . Most of them are about 6 cm (2in 1/4), and about 1 cm (3/8in) thick. Again, not meant for dollhouse scales, but still pretty small. Oh, and they also sell full bookshelves specially designed for their books.

I had already seen them at Book Fair (Bienal do Livro) and it was good to find them again in Art Mundi.

The Smallest Printed Books

As all the above was not enough, it's still possible to find mini-sculptures at our neighbor countries' stands (Peru, Equator, Mexico, Guatemala), mini perfume bottles from mid-east countries, and also Murano crystals from Italy..

And that's not all: the whole fair is gorgeous!!!! Unless you had scheduled, for the next few days, a trip around the world with stopovers in the 27 countries represented in this fair, plus in the Brazilian States that also came, plus in some Amazon Indian area, you'd better find some time in your busy schedule to go check it...

It was a one in a lifetime chance to check first hand and, why not, buy some wonderful and delicate crafts work coming from - literally - every corner of the world!!

And at very affordable prices.

What else?

It's really worth going to this fair/show.

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