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Here I listed the questions most frequently asked through the contact form. See if they can help you too. Click on a question on the list below to go directly to the anwer:

There are two kinds of miniatures: cheap, not realistic, usually very low quality; or expensive, very realistic and usually high quality and durable.

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen anything in between so far. That’s why most people who embrace the hobby start making their own miniatures: because they realize that if they’ll buy every item, it’ll cost them a small fortune! - That’s why I have listed several free online tutorials on the website! :)

At first, the miniatures we make ourselves look awful. Yes, mine too!!! :) But then we persist, end up getting the hang of it and things do improve...

Stores listed on page Minis in Brazil > Stores are Brazilian and sell online, and on page Minis World > Stores are in other countries (most in the USA or UK) and also sell online.

You can also find some miniatures at crafts stores, like Hobby Lobby, JoAnn and Michael’s in the US, or any good craft store in your country. They don’t have to be specialized! In Brazil, by the way, you won’t find dollhouse stores. There is only one I know of, in Eldorado Mall, in Sao Paulo, capital.

Here in the city where I’m living now, for example, I always find some very usable miniatures - mdf mini furniture that can be bashed or mini food bags or packs by Florbrás. Look around, talk to the manager. Here, at first, there was almost nothing at all that could be remotely related to dollhouse miniatures. Then, as I often visited the good crafts stores, and I would always talk about what I do to the salespeople, to the managers/owners, I would even bring some of my projects for some little ‘show & tell’. They got interested and now they are always bringing new stuff that I can use in my settings.  

You can go far by talking to people! :)

What is important, though, is to keep in mind that what most miniaturists really love is to make great miniatures out of ‘nothing’! Visit the jewlery findings department, for example, and look at those items with another “eye”. Ask yourself “What would this thing be if it were 12 times bigger?” You may end up “seeing” perfume bottles, ashtrays, table lamps, etc. If you check this important tip below, you’ll see what Tanya, a very talented and creative miniaturist created out of erasers, wire & paint, from a dollar store... :)

Where can I buy cheap miniatures? There are no miniature stores in my city.

The most important thing to consider is to keep coherence in their relative sizes, everything should be proportional. If you choose a very nice stove, but then you place a pan so big that it’ll take all the space on it, it won’t look natural!!

I have posted some tutorials on the blog. One of the posts was exactly about this. Browse the tag “dicas” for other tips.

How do I choose miniatures for my dollhouse or roombox?

On tutorials page there are links for dollhouse plans, with measurements and assembling instructions. You can also find plans in books or magazines published specially for that purpose. On the internet you can also find some websites that sell dollhouse plans. On that same tutorial page, you can also find links to websites that teach how to make all sort of furniture, most very realistic. With the measures, of course. Be sure to also check DHB’s page with pinned tutorials on Pinterest.

What is essential for a good project, if you are making one based on a real house, is to pay attention to the measurements.  Always divide the real life measurement by 12 to get it in scale. This will give you a 1:12 dollhouse or piece of furniture, etc.

If you prefer to work in smaller scales, divide by the correct factor (24 for half scale, 48 for quarter, etc)

Could you give me the measurements (or a plan) for a perfect dollhouse (or furniture)? Where can I find that?

Most tutorials listed on DHB are in 1:12th scale. Barbie’s scale (or playscale) is 1:6. So, it’s quite simple, actually: All you have to do is double each measurement supplied by the tutorial 2!  :)

If a piece should be cut as 3 x 4 inches in 1:12, then cut it as 6 x 8 inches and you’ll have it in 1:6. Pretty easy, right? :)

How can I make furniture for a Barbie house from the tutorials listed here?

Usually I use Google for that… :)

All you have to do is type in the search field "xxx in to cm" and voilá! In this example, you should replace the "xxx" for the actual measure in inches.

Another way is to multiply the value in inches by 2.54.

The “thing” is that most tutorials give values in fractions (1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 and 1/32).

And this is a problem, right? Google won’t read fractions and we don’t use them in centimeters…


* 1/2 may be written as 0.5

* 1/4 may be written as 0.25

* 1/8 may be written as 0.125

* 1/16 may be written as 0.0625

* 1/32 may be written as 0.03125

So, for example:

(H)  42 1\2  = 42.5    x 2,54 = 107.95 cm (height)

(W) 23  1\4 = 23.25  x 2,54 =   59.06 cm (width)

(D)  15  1\4 = 15.25  x 2,54 =   38.74 cm (depth)

How can I convert inches into centimeters?  

DHB is basically an informative website. The mission is to divulge, inform & share. The miniatures shown were made by the artisans mentioned in the subtitles/labels/credits.  Contact them directly to get more information, commission a project, get prices, etc.

You can find lists with links to the artisans’ websites,  blogs, etc on the pages of DHB website. If you can’t find a specific artisan link, send me a message through the contact form asking this information.

How can I buy the miniatures I saw on DHB website?

For now, I (Evelyne Martin) don’t, but there are several very talented miniature artisans in Brazil and abroad who do. Here in Brazil, for example, we have Regina Passy-Yip, Regina Nachtigal, Angelo Pinheiro...

Abroad there are lots of options. You can contact the organizations, they always have classes. IGMA, NAME… And there are always workshops during the miniature shows. Check their pages.

Do you teach classes/workshops on how to make miniatures?

Where can I buy cheap miniatures? There are no miniature stores in my city.

How do I choose miniatures for my dollhouse or roombox?

Could you give me the measurements (or a plan) for a perfect dollhouse (or furniture)?

How can I make furniture for a Barbie house from the tutorials listed here?

How can I convert inches into centimeters?  

How can I buy the miniatures I saw on DHB website?

Do you teach how to make miniatures?

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# Important tip

Before you rush to buy all kinds of supplies, expensive tools or ready-made minis, remember that the most important "tool" for a miniaturist is the ability to "see" miniatures where most people would see ordinary objects (aka Trash to Treasure or T2T). Almost anything can become something else in miniature. These pictures are a good example provided by Tanya, who "saw" some erasers, bug toys and wire as two beauty parlor chairs. Creativity is the secret to success!!!

these inexpensive items (erasers, toys, wire), bought at a dollar store...

... became this!