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It is a huge trade fair and there were renowned manufacturers of products for crafts present. This was the first time miniatures were there too, and a beautiful exhibit captured the public's attention.

There were artisans with stands to sell their work, like Cia das Artes,  Anynha Miniaturas,  Casa do Miniaturista and MiniMarcia. It was a delight to see them all together. The opportunity to buy directly from them (and save shipping costs, lol!) just couldn't be missed!!! The only risk was to buy more than you planned and forget your budget...

As a bonus, several roomboxes by Regina Passy-Yip were being displayed and she was there too, really nice and willing to supply us with further details of each setting. She was also giving quick classes on how to make mini bonsais. What a treat!!!


Miniaturists from all over Brazil - artists, collectors and enthusiasts - arranged a Mega Gathering to take place just before 'Mega Artesanal' a huge crafts fair in Sao Paulo, on Saturday July 5th, for a “brunch”.

And it was a delightful gathering! Many of us had never met before, we had just exchanged emails. There we had a chance to finally meet, exchange ideas and a very typical warm Brazilian hug!

We also had the chance to have in our hands and admire in complete awe the miniatures made by our friends and even buy as many as our budgets would allow us to: Flávia de Oliveira (wicker); Roberto Ferrés (furniture ); Ivani Grande and Betinha (cold porcelain); Regina Nachtigal (accessories), Ivo Kohek (displays).

Of course, I wouldn't let Regina Passy go before she signed my copy of her book! :)

A day to be remembered!

Mega Artesanal 2008

As for the fair, this is my impression:

Positive aspects

Aspects to be improved

I've been to many gigantic business fairs like Fenasoft (for hardware & software products) and UD (for appliances and the like). Obviously they are always crowded, but there were no more people per area in this fair than in those, and here I could actually SEE almost nothing...

Except for the miniatures, which were worth all the trouble, I would have been very frustrating... Which is a shame, for as a miniaturist, I like all kinds of crafts and techniques and was looking forward to check all the new products and stuff!

The Exhibit