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The highlight of the gathering was the new house! Absolutely gorgeous and with a breathtaking view - a rare thing in Sao Paulo! And decorated with such good taste, one can spend ours just taking in each corner of the place.

E conta com um deck relaxante com uma vista fantástica - e olha que isso em São Paulo é coisa rara!

The most special place in the house is their "Enchanted Basement". I tried to capture good images in a video, but it paid no justice to the place. I'll save this for the future so as not to break the true enchantment of such a special place. If you can, I do recommend you come and see it by yourself. Just schedule a visit with them and get ready for a wonderful surprise!

Next you can watch a short movie with the settings being displayed all around their house/studio, by various artisans.

The Exhibit

The IV FEBRAMINI happened during the last weekend of November in 2010, at Pépp & Órson's new studio (the previous one had been taken down by the subway in SP).

Some of the roomboxes and settings at display. Several were available for purchasing and many of them - not all of them are here - were sold:

There was a very special piece at display:

Angelo Pinheiro and Ivani Grande worked together (and it was A LOT of work!) to deliver 150 items of this masterpiece: an old time Pharmacy - commissioned to celebrate 50 years of Conselho Federal de Farmácia.

In the back of the 'building' there is a special slot to hold their special commemorative book.

Another aspect very much anticipated at each Febramini is the sales tables. What better place to buy minis directly from the artisans who make them?

The show

Febramini wasn't just about miniatures this year. Pépp introduced us an artisan who makes playful dolls in large scale out of papier-mâché and also a very talented painter: J. Camargo.

Despite his great talent, he was charging very reasonable prices at the gathering. You can also order your painting (OBS: they are Real Life size!!!), but I'm not sure the prices will be the same. The link above will take you to his blog. The prices ranged from $14 to $340. The one on the left  (the hydrangeas picture) is already mine! (the painting alone is 3 1/2 x 6 in)  :)

Extra Bonus!
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